Offering a successful approach to create quality, benefits and satisfaction for all stakeholders in global tourism for the post-pandemic era

Developed on the base of decades of experience and the Positive Sustainability approach, Meaningful Tourism is the next step forward for destinations and service providers, a paradigm developed by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, founder of the Meaningful Tourism Center

“Tourism will not bounce back but will leap forward into a new world.”

– Dr. Taleb Rifai, former Secretary General UNWTO

Positive Sustainability concentrates on the positive effects of sustainable development and on the alignment of interests between all stakeholders involved. 

Meaningful Tourism is not about sacrifices and reductions, instead it offers ways to create benefits and satisfaction based on the specific interests of all involved: Guests, Hosts, Employees, Companies, Governments and the Environment.

Quality is bringing more gains than quantity for everybody including you. Let’s start the journey together.


Creating profits for all stakeholders

The Meaningful Tourism Center team combines decades of practical experiences with sound scientific insights from successful tourism consulting and training projects on all continents.

Meaningful Tourism Index 2023

The Meaningful Tourism Index 2023, published in May 2023, provides information and rankings showing the state of development of Meaningful Tourism for the 88 most important countries in international tourism. The index is free to download for everybody interested in a more sustainable future of tourism.

Meaningful Tourism Training

The easy way to acquire the most important tool for your future successful development in tourism.
Presentations, checklists, interviews with experts
Three hours of self-administered online training that will change your view on how to grow your business by concentrating on quality benefits and satisfaction for all stakeholders involved

Starter Pack

The short-cut to a fact-check and strategy development with the developer of the Meaningful Tourism paradigm directly at your destination, attraction or property.
Test the most important tool for the future successful development of tourism service providers and organisations and establish the foundation for a sustainable development based on providing quality, benefits and satisfaction for all stakeholders involved.

Tailor-Made Support

What you need, when you need it and how you need it.
Based on decades of experience and science-based methods, the Meaningful Tourism Center Team provides the analysis, the strategy and the implementation of a tailor-made successful sustainable business for companies and organisations.
Meaningful Tourism and satisfied stakeholders are only a call away.

E-BOOK - MEANINGFUL TOURISM - Best Practice Examples for a Sustainable Future

The book gives an introduction into the Meaningful Tourism paradigm, followed by many Best Practice Examples helping destinations, companies and organisations to create their own concepts and strategies based on the positive experiences of successful initiatives from around the world, which have received the Meaningful Tourism Award 2022.


Activities of the Meaningful Tourism Center


Meaningful Tourism Workshop during BESTIVAL 

ITB ASIA Singapore

Meaningful Tourism Panel during ITB ASIA 

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