Meaningful Tourism Index 2023

The Meaningful Tourism Index 2023 is published by the Meaningful Tourism Center, based in Hamburg, and is freely available in English as a download below. It uses 72 indicators for the 88 countries which reached in the last five years at least two billion USD turnover in one year to cover seven different categories: The basic situation of the national tourism industry and infrastructure and the sustainability of the situation of the six main stakeholders in terms of quality, benefits and satisfaction. The six stakeholders of the Meaningful Tourism paradigm are the travellers, the host community, the employees in tourism companies, the tourism service providers, the governments and finally the environment.

The overall winners of the Meaningful Tourism Index 2023 are Aruba, Iceland and Switzerland. They are also the only three countries reaching more than 50% of the possible points, showing that there is still a long way to go to reach a sustainable form of international tourism. At the bottom of the list are Lebanon, Nigeria and Iraq.

A complete dataset for all results and rankings for all 72 indicators for a selected country together with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses and customised recommendations can be ordered from the Meaningful Tourism Center together with the option of on-site workshops and trainings (see details on page 71 of the Meaningful Tourism Index 2023).