Meaningful Tourism Training Starter Pack

The Meaningful Tourism Strategy Starter Pack provides an opportunity to get a quick result and meaningful guidance for destinations, companies and organisations and service providers by offering a compact tool at the start or in addition to other strategic moves into a better tourism future. 

The Meaningful Tourism Strategy Starter Pack includes: 

  • First-level analysis of existing aims, development plans, strategies, timelines etc. for tourism development in a destination or for a company or an organisation
  • First-level analysis of existing Marketing materials / Websites / Social media tools / Storytelling
  • Two-day visit by Prof. Dr. Arlt: 
  • One day visiting at what client sees as Best Practice Example or major element to develop etc.,
    informal talks with local stakeholders 
  • Full day round table talk of Prof. Arlt with local decision-makers and stakeholders with presentation of Meaningful Tourism approach and first-level client-specific recommendations, discussion, guided brainstorming, preliminary results
  • Within ten days delivery of a 10-12 pages second-level analysis and recommendations report.